Here is the Bart Corpse I did this year. I decided on a Bart (3/4 scale) instead of full size Bucky. I wanted him to fit inside a box, behind the window in the dungeon, so he needed to be smaller.

The standard technique of painting Minwax Gel Stain (Walnut) on the skeleton, waiting about 10 minutes, then wiping it off was employed.

I kinda rushed the whole process, and noticed, the next day, that I left a lot of white spots on the bone (not shown). I grabbed some flat black Rustoleom, and touched up the shadow areas ( between the ribs, eyes, nose, etc)

Corpsing was done with “Mold Builder” molding latex, cotton rolls, and stretchy spider webs. I dye the latex with latex paint before I start. I tried different color combinations but I still never come out with the perfect look. The color changes when the latex is dry, so much experimentation is needed.

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