Well this isn’t the sort of detailed  “how to” on building a fountain I’d like to present; but, these are all the pictures I’ve got.

Here’s a good picture of all the basic equipment.

The fountain came from HarborFreight and cost $29 on sale. It’s cast aluminum and built like a tank

The pump is also from HarborFreight $12 on sale and sits in the bottom basin covered by the pedestal that supports the top basin. There is a 1/2″  tube running up from the pump throught the pedestals and up into the skull.

The top of the skull is glued on so the pressure from the pump doesn’t blow it off.

The skull is of course 4th class Bucky from ACC, stained with a bit of brown shoe polish. I had to enlarge the drain holes for the eyes and nose.

The fog is produced by 4 water misters (the red glow in the water is from there LED’s

This picture gives a good view of the base that hides the pump. I’ve decorated the top basin with bits from an order of assorted bones from ACC, mostly bits of Mr Thrifty. I used Minwax wood stain to darken the little bones

And here is the fountain set up in front of my house

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