The blazing inferno that lit up Hell Hole at the Cozine’s Haunt. ¬†Actually we lit just about everything with it, but it looked best around the bridge over the Hell Hole.

Start with a fan or blower any rather enthusiastic blower will work. If it doesn’t have an electric cord and plug ask a friend that knows his plug from a hole in the ground to put one on for you.

Now you need a bag holder thingy. Since the outtake of my blower was rectangular, I made a rectangular thingy out of styrofoam and covered it with red duct tape so it wouldn’t p__s me off when it started falling apart. The thingy fits snuggly around the outtake.

Now it is time to shred your trash bags. Leave the sealed end on while you cut deep points in the bag. Cut another bag, but make the points end closer to the sealed end of the bag. Put the second bag inside the first and tape them together (I use clear packing tape to conceal it). Now tape the bags to the thingy with the red duct tape.

And there you have it. Place the thingy over the outtake of the blower, bags inward, plug it in, turn on your rotating-multicolored c-mas tree light and you’ve just invented non-combustible dragon fire

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