I had all these left over squares of bluefoam from the tombstones I cut out lying around. I thought I could build a stone wall but did not have enough. So I settled on a faux fireplace for the Warden’s Quarters.

I first laid out some some spare peg board. I arranged the squares on the peg board in a pattern I thought that resembled an old fireplace. It took me a while. Once I got it down I painted the board black and shaped the blocks.

I sanded and warped the blocks the same way I did for the tombstones. I even used the same tombstone grey paint. Once they dried I glued them down with Liquid Nails. When I looked at it at a distance the black showed thru too much. So I spackled some of the seams to look like cement.

What is a fireplace without a mantle? Luckily I had a piece of blue foam that  was slightly larger than the fireplace. I used a wood graining tool to achieve an old wood mantle. After it dried I glued it to the board and the top of the fireplace blocks with Liquid Nails. It’s light enough to stay into place and I am able to put  small objects on top.

Here is the finished product. For some details I sponged  black paint onto the blocks near the hearth. I laid a piece of one inch foam underneath on the ground. Other ideas I had was to glue assorted bones into the stones. Some added features for the future I would rig either some faux flames or those lighted logs. 

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