• 1 Blucky torso(arms,ribs,skull)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • 10′ 3/4″ PVC
  • 1 3/4″ PVC Tee
  • A yard stick
  • An oscillating fan….can be used as a fan after halloween, nothing is taken apart or stuck on.
  • 2 zipties
  • 1 can flat black spray paint
  • long nails
  • 2 pulley

Step 1-The blucky

The bluckys arms need to move more that what they can when you assemble him.  The solution is string.  Cut off the connectors on the arms and shoulders.  Now take about 4′ of string and thread it through.  Knot one side with a big big knot.  Start from the middle finger and work towards the shoulder.  Now tie hte extra around the neck and knot it.  Be sure that your arms can hang about 5 inches from tyhe shoulder(no bone only string for 5 inches).  That way, the arms can go up easier and you can tie string to the hand end.  Do the other arm, now.  Your blucky is ready!

Whole blucky:

Step 2-The Frame

Ok.  This step will vary for everyone.  I think the best way to make the frame is a T shape, the top left and top right nailed onto a tree that splits near the ground or 2 trees within about 5 feet of eachother.  I have a tree that is split, so I used that.  I cut 2 3′ pieces and had 4′ left over.  I used the PVC T to connect them, the 3′ ones on the left and right and the 4′ coming out the other way.  Thats the basic frame.  Now we need to attatch the blucky torso.  Its pretty simple.  Take the head off, cut out the connector and the stuff around it so that the neck comes up and has no covering.  Now slide the 4′ PVC through the neck, ending at the the bottom of the spine.  Push it all the way down.  Now the skull wont really fit that easily.  With a serrated steak knife, cut out a big block in the back of the head….from the hanging tab, all thh way down.  A rectangle, about an inch wide, no larger, but all the way down. You may want to make it deeper into the skull.  Its up to you.  Now it should just fit right on top of the pipe.  Masking tape it onto the pipe, in the back of course.  The last part to this step is the pulleys.  You basically just tape or nail them onto the PVC, i would say a foot and a half  away from the Tee, farther if you want the arms to go out more when they go up, closer if you want more vertical than horizontal movement.

Step 3-The Crank

Here we go.  This is it.  Movement!  Get your yard stick, zip ties and fan.  Basically, ziptie the stick onto the fan cage so that the stick goes left and right, NOT up and down.  Tie about 30′ of string onto each end of the stick.  Take the other end, go through the pulley and down to the end of the hand.  Tie the extra string on that side to the string going to the fan.  This works best if the blucky is already hanging.  Now as the fan oscilates, the arms will be given slack or be pulled, making them move towards the pulley.  Good job, youre done!  Well, painting still.  I sprayed the frame black and im going to paint the blucky with UV blue hairspray!

Later!  Leave a comment or rating on the prop!  thanks

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