An H.R. Geiger Alien Poking It’s Head Out of a Barrel

13 Step Process

The Body

For a body we used a 55 gallon barrel with the lid removed.

Prep The Barrel

I washed the barrel out thoroughly using soap and water. Remember, any residual chemicals could be a potential fire hazard!

Craft The Barrel

I painted the barrel black and I was lucky enough to get an “AREA 51” sticker from an old Area 51 arcade game. However, some different ideas could be painting the barrel bright green or yellow for radioactive waste or bio-hazardous materials.

Modify The Fan

  • The front half of the cage for the fan is removed.
  • The fan blade cap is unscrewed and removed.
  • The fan blade is removed.
  • The back half of the cage for the fan is now removed.
  • The axle that the fan blade uses is then cut off with a hacksaw.
  • To prevent the remaining stub of the axle from catching the rubber mask, a cap from a pill bottle was glued over the stub of the axle. (Making sure that the axle stub doesn’t rub against the cap and the glue doesn’t go into the fan motor.) At this time test the fan and making sure that there is nothing rubbing together. Remember rubbing together = friction = heat = possible fire!

Add The Fan To The Barrel

Build a shelf for the fan to rest on inside the barrel (using scrap lumber). Be sure to attach the fan to the shelf. I used duct tape. (Have you ever noticed how duct tape is like The Force from STAR WARS ? It has a light side, a dark side, and it binds the universe together. . . . )

Place the alien mask over the fan motor. I inserted extra foam padding into the mask to give it a fuller appearance.

The alien head was purchased at a party store AFTER Halloween, when masks and costumes are OVER 1/2 off! Don’t impulse buy for this year, shop smart, stock up for next year!

Plug in and run.

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