I’m totally stoked about this idea.  (I said stoked, not stroked… tsk tsk tsk) 

I recently had a brainstorm and decided to try this concept.  It’s vastly different from what I have ever seen before.


  • Skull
  • Red Hot Glue Sticks
  • Glue Pot
  • Disposable Brushes 1″ or 2″

Let’s Begin!

Step 1

Melt the red glue sticks in the glue pot. 

Step 2

Take your skull and decide on the pose you want.  Jaw open?  Closed?  Classic with no jaw?  Take some of the red glue and glue that jaw in the pose you want by dipping the brush in the glue and dribbling it on where it connects to the skull.

Step 3

After that cools begin by taking your brush, dipping it into the melted red hot glue, and stippling it all around the skull.  You’ll get maybe an inch or two (three?) done at a time before having to reload the brush. 

(Stippling is just a fancy word for dabbing with your brush up and down over and over again until you are out of glue on your brush, then dipping and dabbing all over again… kinda the way your 90-year-old uncle does with his mouth when he’s not wearing his false teeth.)

The reason I say disposable brushes and more than one is that your brush will become hard after playing with it a while and you’ll need to switch it out for softer bristles again.  Disposable brushes are inexpensive.

I start with the underside of the skull, move to the top of the head, and then do the face and jaw while leaving the teeth as clean as possible.  The more strings you have from the glue, the more blood vessels, torn skin tissue, etc. you create!

Then stain the teeth if you want, and you are done!