The idea came to me when repairing the roof of my house. I had this big 3 gallon drum of this stuff and I was only using a little for patch work. I left a little on some wood and it hardened within a week. I thought I could make an awesome pillars of pain with this stuff. I had mentioned it to my boss who comes to my haunt and he said why stop there. Why not a Tarpit ?  I decided to construct a duct tape dummy to create the illusion of a victim sinking in tar.

After an hour of struggling out of the duct tape outfit, I was able to find stuffing from old pillows. I used coat hangers to manipulate the fingers and arm. I had a left over styrofoam head and anchored it to the body. I was worried that the tar might melt the styrofoam so I did a test patch the day before. There was no reaction. I cut a pool shaped base out of plywood and attached a wooden dowel to the base and up the arm. Then I stapled the rest of the shirt along the bottom very taunt.

The tarring , is actually a flashing cement, which should be done outside¬† using work gloves. The smell is quite overwhelming. It was a little hard to work with but it’s not like I had to be neat about it. The best part is how the features from the head show thru. It is better to apply thin coats because it has a very long drying time.

The ideas are endless. The pools are scattered in an area in the front yard. I will be creating more with Buckys crawling out and assorted body parts frozen in tar. 

*DISCLAIMER- Flashing cement is flammable and highly combustible . All tar props are for outdoor use ONLY.

Outdoor shot

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