I started by cutting some 2″ inch foam into a 2 1/2″ wide by 5 1/4″ long piece.Then I shaped it into the spiders body above on the left.(Something like a figure 8). Next I drilled two 3/16 hole thru the body to mount the legs from. Before I ran the wire for the legs I installed and glued a piece of 1/4″ OD plastic tubing into the body.I did this for each 3/16 hole I drilled. The tubing keeps the legs in place.

I used hot glue in the hole before I installed the plastic and after around the rim. Next picture shows the wire installed.I cut (4) 34″ inch pieces of # 18 gauge wire.Then I ran 2 pieces of wire thru each hole.Once I had both ends centered I pumped hot glue into the plastic tubing. This will secure the wire to the spider body. 

Heres a close up of the wire glued to the body. Don`t use a high temp glue gun the high temp will melt the foam.If you only have a high temp glue gun then don`t let the gun get to hot by unpluging it as soon as the glue starts to flow.Once the glued dried I installed the 1/4 OD plastic tubing over the wire.You will most likely have a white or clear colored tubing.I save everything so I`m using some tubing I got from a Air Condition Control contractor years ago.

After I installed the wire I pumped hot glue into the tubing. When that dried I glued the legs to the body as you can see in the picture on the left. When the glue dried I add glue into the other ends of the tubing.( the tips of the legs.) Watch out for air bubble coming back out of the tubing. Then just shape the tubing spider like. The legs should hold the spiders body up.

Here I added some fangs by bending a piece of wire and pushing it into the spider head. At the other end I installed two pinchers the same way. Once I was happy with the shapes I used hot glue to secure them In  place.

He I wrapped the spiders legs with cotton. You have to unwrap cotton balls into little strips of cotton before you can us them to wrap. Next I will added a coat of black mask latex.

Heres a picture of the spider with a coat of black colored latex.

A close up of the spider head. I haven`t figured out what I`m going to do with the eyes yet but I`m sure something will pop up. The more coats of latex you put on the stronger and longer the spider will last. I`ll post more pictures when I add details and a paint job.

Here my idea drawing with some numbers on it.I used about 10′ feet of  18 gauge wire, 10′ feet of 1/4″OD plastic tubing( fish tank air tubing should work also), a piece of 2″ inch foam cut to 2 1/2″ wide by 5 1/4″ long.( any foam should do), A bag of cotton balls , And some Mask latex with Black  Intrinsic Colorant.

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