She posed many design challenges for me.

1. She was made in early 2007 I hadn’t really made many full sized heads from scratch yet.

2. She was big, I’m wasn’t used to making bigger pieces.

3. And she had to be made cheaply.

This is how I made her head.

I carved her head from a foam mannequin head. This is a freaking mess to do and I will never do it again. I took forever to get smooth.

I then added Teeth made from sculpey, and coated her head with SOC.

This next picture drove me insane. Notice in the previous pic I did not paint the inside of her mouth black prior to setting her teeth in place. BAD IDEA. Note to self: always paint the mouth surface prior to adding teeth.

After this I covered her head with a very smooth layer of tissue paper or paper towel (I cant recall) and SOC. I wanted to be able to break this layer and pull it away to simulate broken porcelain.

I painted all the cracks by hand and then cut them with an exacto blade, then pulled then apart with a dental tool. After this I had to paint her . The effect I wanted was as if she had fallen over and cracked her face.

Then it was onto building her small crutch and hands etc…

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