Here are some heads I made with one of the kits from the FXwarehouse. The heads on the stand are the clay heads and tthe white heads are the plaster copys.The skull in the middle was the base for the skull with the bat helmet on the right.The mold came off the clay easy so I reused the skull for another head.

Above on the left you can see the latex molds I made from the clay heads.The mold in the middle is made with the mold latex that came with the kit. The other two molds I used mask latex to make.On the right are some heads I made from the shrunken head kit.Once I add the hair and tie the lipps shut I`m sure these guys will look cool.

Above I have some bigger heads I made that look like casper the friendly ghost.On the right is one of the clay heads I`m working on now. Some of these heads have indentation around the mouth.I`m going to use them as talking heads so I plan on cutting the mouths apart from the head.

On the right I wanted to show you the cheap Stand I use.Very easy to make.I also use scrap foam filed and sanded smooth as bases under the clay.

You can see the foam base under the clay better in this picture.

This is a life size skull mold I`m working on now.I used a foam base ( piece of scrap foam filed smooth ) with clay shaped like a skull and the brown/tan covering it is brown mask latex thats not dryed yet. I`m making a latex mold to make some plaster skulls. If the clay is still in tack I may make a plaster mold too. More to come.

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