• 1 Old Mask
  • Newspaper to lay down on table
  • Various tubes of paint

Tools Required:

  • Paint Brushes

How It Started Out:

New masks are expensive, and our budget is only $200 a year, so that means I need to make every dollar count.

While checking out a local Goodwill, I discovered a Darth Maul mask for only $2.50, a great price for a mask, but what do I need a Darth Maul mask for ? Absolutely nothing.

If only this was a killer klown mask! Then, I was struck by epiphany, why not re-paint the mask ?!?!? A quick $2.50 purchase later, I rushed home to konvert the mask into a killer klown countenance !

Starting Out With The Right Mask

When selecting a mask for conversion, try your best to ignore the current paint job, and just look at the style of the mask, try to imagine the mask re-painted to your current needs.

Place Mask On Styrofoam Wig Head To Support It

Base Coat Halfway Done

Base Coat All Done

Finished Killer Klown Mask:

A finished *UNIQUE* killer klown mask ! When a guest goes thru the haunt, they will see a klown mask unlike any other. Because, be honest, don’t you hate it when a guest says “I’ve seen that same mask at Spencers!”

By re-painting a mask, you too can have INEXPENSIVE, UNIQUE MASKS FOR YOUR HAUNT !

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