“It comes from deep within the abandoned pumpkin patch, wild, hidden, untamed. Lost for decades behind the decrepit house, near the family plot, from which it draws its dark magic. Between the tangled, rotting, vines something stirs. A frightened crow sounds off; warning the setting sun of the darkness that lurks, waiting, plotting, hungry…always hungry. As the moon crests the Thief is already on the move. Silent. Swift. Without compassion. Before the dawn there will be blood. Another mysterious disappearance. Another mother’s heart torn to pieces…“ by DenHaunt

I can’t take credit for any of this little guy. He’s the result of me using DenHaunt’s Pumpkin Thief How To, to create a great addition to my Cemetery.

I started with a wire frame body an a cheap plastic skull. Then came building up the flesh with paper mache.

By using paper towel for the final layer it gives a great wrinkled skin texture if applied loosely then sprayed lightly with a glue water mix. At this point you can add details such as the torn face revealing the skull beneath.

Next continue to fill out the body. I chose the torn look to match the face. For entrails I twisted some paper towel into a mild corkscrew shape. The hands and feet were made using hot glue bye shooting the glue into the desired shape onto a small block of ice covered in tin foil. At this pint I also cut out a Jack-O-Lantern type of face onto the left side of the Thief.

You may have noticed the hot glue dripping from parts of the face and body. This will be painted to look like blood later.

The final thing to do is paint and mount. I used the same base coat then dry brush technique as in the Tombstone tutorial. This time the base coat was black and the dry brush was 3 shades of orange. Once the dry brushing was completed I highlighted the blood in red.

I mounted this little guy on a pedestal made in the same way as the Tombstone Tutorial.

He’s seen a couple of years in the cemetery now and he’s always a hit. Considered a cute curiosity by some, a grotesque thing by other and the thing of nightmares to those that believe. Some call these beliefs silly. I don’t claim to know either way. I’ll tell you one thing though. I’m not turning my back on this guy anytime soon.

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