This year I helped at a Spook Walk. A few weeks before the walk We met at the woods were the walk was to be held. As I walked the path with the person running the walk we passed by a low spot in the woods. The second I saw it I thought of the movie the ring. I comented that this area would be an idea spot for a well with samora crawling out. He replied that this would be our area and that it sounded like a great idea.

So, with just a few weeks until the walk I started thinking of a way to make a well that not only looked real but would fit into the back of my S10 truck for the long drive to the spook walk.

A few years ago I was at Manards and spotted pallets of styrofoam in their bargain area. The pallets were $20.00 each. I bought one and over the years have used the pink foam for tombstones. I never had a use for the white foam till now.

A 4 ft round templet was made from a scrap peice of partial board. The templet was placed over 8 ft by 4 ft sheets of styrofoam that were placed on top of each other. They were NOT glued. I cut about 4 sheets at a time and then placed the cut sheets on top of each other. Once I all the peices were cut that I needed I drove pvc into the middle to hold them in place.

You can see from the pic that I used an old speaker to press down on the foam. Any weight will work. After all the pieces were cut I used a torch to melt a rock pattern into the foam. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE OUTSIDE!

Melting the foam is simple but be careful not to start a fire. A bucket of water near by is a good idea.

Once that the outside was molded I used the torch to define the rocks on top of the well. Then I mixed up a batch of munster mud. Its 1 gallon of flat black latex house paint mixed with 5 gallons of light weight jount compound. Peices of burlap were cut into strips and then dunked into the mud.and placed on the outside of the well.

I continued working around the well. In the pic you can see that I started the MM a few inches on the top of the well and worked down. What you can not see is that once that I got to the bottom I Icontinued underneath for a few inches also.

The outside of the well is incased in the MM and burlap. This will hold the foam in place of rthe next step

Once the MM is somewhat dry I removed the pvc and started sawing the center out. I could only saw through about half of the well. then I remove the foam that I had cut and then cut the second half.

With the center removed it was time to mold the inside of the well using the torch. The top row of rocks need to match the outside. After the top row is finished you dont have to be as percice.

With the well inside sculpted its time to start mudding again. I overlaped were I mummded the top and worked down. I mudded the botom as well.

The MM may take a few days to dry. After it is its time to paint.

Painting was my wifes job. I make it, she paints it. She used a light gray a dry brushed over the edges and faces of the rocks. With that finished she used flat black spraypaint to define between the rocks.

After the well was painted She brushed on high gloss polyurithain to the insde and top of the well. This made the well look as if it was wet.

There it is the finished well. Its a job well done..I just had to said that.

Here is a pic of the girl. Its just a PVC frame with foam over it. The hands are Bic Pen Hands.

Here is the prop in the woods.

We lit the well with a strobe and used spot lights on the girl. It lit the woods behind her as well.

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