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Here I wanted to create the illusion that the wall gave way into the
basement to expose what was buried outside. I cut the plywood to the shape of the concrete blocks and used Great Stuff for tree roots.

I then used my favorite medium….tar and covered the plywood and Great Stuff. I aquired some old oil based house paint that was the perfect color of old blood. I cut the backs off the blucky skulls so I was able to attach them to the plywood.

Liquid Nails and webs was the choice of corpsing the blucky skulls. I decided to use the same color on the skulls because it gave them a wet glossy look.

I added another layer of Great Stuff and weaved in and out of the skulls.I painted the outer most roots grey to give some depth. Most of this prop will be seen in the dark.

I toned down some of the grey vines and added some spanish moss. If you look close you can notice the mice and spiders mixed in.

Incubation Chamber

Here I needed to fill in a blank wall that was in the Radiation Lab. I took an exisisting scrap sheet of plywood and cut six 12″ holes. I tarred the whole front side and added frosted plexi from the back.

I sprayed the backs of the plexi with Flo-Green spray paint and used Great Stuff around the Chambers.

I sprayed the rest of the Great Stuff with the Flo-Green Paint and added a Blucky Skull to one of the chambers. I can always add items to it each year for a creepier look.

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